Ayurveda Therapies

“Longevity of one’s life is not just merely living a life span time. It is about how a man can perform his duties, attain wealth and most importantly live with harmony of mind, body and soul. A person who longs for this kind of life with mental, physical and spiritual health should follow the principles of Ayurveda with utmost respect.”

“Ayurveda”isone of the oldest healing sciences.Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing”.

The theory of Ayurveda is solely based on the subtle elements of the Universe, they are Prithvi (Earth), Aap (Water), Tejas (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akasha (Space). These 5 elements are categorized in the aspect of 3 dosas. These 3 dosas play a predominant and major role in the theory of Ayurveda and in the Human Being.

Ayurveda is a complete solution which ensures effective treatment for every disease. It gives enormous benefits to both body and mind and provides good health and hospitality.

Since Prophylaxis is better than cure or treatment after the problem has surfaced!

Every treatment specifically designed to offer a unique emerging experience integrating with rejuvenation treatment, Cosmetic treatment, Lepanam and Panchakarma.

Rejuvenation Treatments:


  • Abhyanga

    120 Mins

    It provides high benefits to the Brain and Nervous System by Nourishing them deeply. This offers a calm sensation to Mind & Soul. Skin and Joints also gets relaxed by the Medicated Massage. The Caring Arms and Hands during Massage enlightens our feeling of being Loved. It eliminates our Anxiety and Offers a Cool and Calm feeling inside. This reduces the effects of Ageing by Softening and Soothing the skin and stimulates internal organs and improves Blood Circulation.

  • Swedanam

    75 Mins

    Individual is made to sit keeping the Head out inside a Steam Cruiser that lets our Herbal Steam from Medicinal Herbs, it makes the individual perspire, profusely that promotes cohesion between Cells. This steam will remove Skin Acne by Cleansing and Dilating the pores and Washing out accumulation of debris. It is a therapy for Toning the Skin and giving it a special glow. It helps to slow down ageing process and drooping of the Skin by stimulating it.

  • Lepanam

    60 Mins

    An Ayurvedic Therapy recommended to the people suffering from pain associated with inflammatory conditions. In this treatment Herbal Liquids are mixed in the form of paste. It helps to treat dark spots, pimples, Skin tan, Swelling, Eczema, Psoriasis etc.

  • Kati Vasti

    60 Mins

    An highly effective treatment for Back Pain and Spinal Disorders.

  • GreevaVasti

    60 Mins

    “Greeva” refers to the neck region thus a procedure in which the Medicated Oil retained in the Neck region for a certain period. The therapy improves Blood circulation, muscle and connective tissue strength, lubricate the joints and promotes its flexibility.

  • Janu (Knee) Vasti

    90 Mins

    One of the most effective treatments in reliving the pain and rejuvenating the Knee Joints.

  • Shirodhara

    75 Mins

    In this process certain Herbal oil, Medicated Milk are poured in a continuous stream on the Fore Head while receiving a Gentle Massage on the Head. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the Body & Mind. This therapy releases stress, slows the ageing process, improves memory and it is known to have a Curative Effect for paralysis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension and other neurological malfunctions. It bestows better vision, better hearing, clears Nasal problems and Calms the Body & Mind. Shirodhara ultimately strengthens the Physical constitution of the Individual.

  • Pizhichal

    75 Mins

    Indication: Paralysis, Neurological Disorder, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sexual Weakness and Nervous Disorders.

    Mode of Treatment: Combines 2 Therapies Abhyanga and Swedana.

  • Elakizhi

    75 Mins

    Specific Vata Hara Leaves are made in to Bolus and mixed with Medicated Powder and Oil, these Bolus are warmed in Medicated Oil and then used to massage the entire body such as Neck, Shoulders, Hands and Back.

    This Therapy improves Blood Circulation within the affected area through Perspiration.

  • ManjalKizhi

    75 Mins

    Similar to Elakizhi, this therapy is specifically given to reduce inflammation and to heal Arthritic aches and pains.

  • Navara Kizhi

    75 Mins

    Navara or Red rice is cooked in Cow’s Milk then Grounded with Herbal Mixture. This Kizhi are then dipped in the same herbal mixture and rubbed all over the Body.

    The first phase of the Therapy includes Cleansing the Body and applying Medicated Oil in Soft Circular Motion.

    Benefits: Glows the Skin, Nourishes the Muscles and Effective in Curing various Skin related Ailments.

  • Udwarthanam

    75 Mins

    It’s a combination of exfoliator massage therapy and treatment, it is a best treatment for Obesity administered using Dry powder to improve Blood Circulation and Numbness of Limbs. The Powder is Massaged all over the Body against Hair Follicles

    The first phase of the Therapy includes Cleansing the Body and applying Medicated Oil in Soft Circular Motion.

    Benefits: Very effective in reducing the subcutaneous fat, reduces overweight, exfoliates dead cells, tone up skin, increase Blood Circulation.

  • Udhgarshanam

    75 Mins

    Indication: Eczema

    Benefits: Helps to Improve Strength of Muscles and joints, Increases the Blood Circulation and Lymphatic drainage.

    Usage: The wet form of Medicated powder is used here for Massaging the active principles of the Medicine and Absorbed through the Skin and gives better results in Skin Disorders. After Massaging the Medicine is allowed to settle down and then removed.

Rejuvenation Therapy with Ayurveda


  • Immunization and Longevity Treatment: (Kayakalpa)

    60 Mins

    This method is used to strengthen the ageing process & stop the Degeneration of Body Cells. It is said to effective before the age of 50 and includes the Rasayana (specific Ayurvedic Medicine & Diet).

  • Body Sudation: (Sweda Karma)

    40 Mins

    Steam bath helps in improving the skin tone and in weight loss as well. Highly used in Rheumatic diseases and gives relief from Pain. Herbs are steamed and passed over from the Human body for up to 20 minutes. Helps Muscle toning and Blood Circulation.

  • Maintaining Body weight

    40 Mins

    To maintain body weight, herbal oil, herbal juices, ayurvedic diet and above mentioned therapies are included.

    • Skin care: Herbal Face Pack, Herbal Head Massage, Herbal Tea and Rejuvenating Skin.
  • Meditation and Physical Well being: (Yoga)

    40 Mins

    • These treatments are designed to achieve Mental Tranquility & Improve ones Concentration beyond the Physical being.
    • One aims it attaining Peace through 8 Steps of Training (Ashtangas of Yoga)
      1. Yama (Disciple Behaviour)
      2. Niyama (Self Purification)
      3. Asana (Bodily Postures)
      4. Prana Yama (Control of Breathing)
      5. Prathyahara (Control of Sense)
      6. Dharana (Fixing of Mind on a Chosen object)
      7. Dhyana (Meditation)
      8. Samadhi (State of absolute Tranquility and Well being (Salvation)

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